Biziman Terms of Service

  1. General

    Biziman services are available to eligible subscribers during their subscription period. With in the eligible period all Biziman services are available. The availability is subject to functionality of all support services provider to Biziman. Any failure of associate service providers such as hosting service provider, internet service provider etc will not be attributed to Biziman.
  2. Subscription

    Free subscription is available to new users for a period specified from time to time. After free period is over, paid subscription will be available as per subscription plan. Subscribers are encouraged to avail all Biziman services and assess the suitability of the same. Any future subscription is assumed to be after assessing the services of Biziman in totality. Subscription will expire as per UTC timings. Auto renewal service, if available and opted for will be applied 48 hours in advance.
  3. Refund

    Biziman paid services are provided after due trial period. Once paid subscription is started it is available for the subscribed period. No refund will be provided for interim cancellation.
  4. Objectionable Services

    Please note that Biziman services are only available for legally acceptable services. We will ensure that this is complied with and check the same on a monthly basis for each calendar month. An oversight by Biziman is hereby indemnified. The liability of the listing illegal service is by the subscriber of the services. Our no refund policy applies.
  5. Jurisdiction

    Biziman services are subject to Delhi UT jurisdiction. All cases of Biziman will be filed only in Delhi jurisdiction. Biziman is hereby indemnified against any failure due to technical reasons and algorithm glitches which should be brought to the notice of Biziman. Biziman will make all efforts to rectify the same keeping the interest of all other subscribers and its own business interest in mind.
  6. SMS

    By clicking "Sign Up", you agree to Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You consent to receive phone calls and SMS messages from to provide updates on your order and/or for marketing purposes. Message frequency depends on your activity. You may opt-out by texting "STOP". Message and data rates may apply.