Biziman Privacy Policy

  1. General

    Biziman is committed to privacy of all its subscribers and their clients. At no point or stage, will Biziman willingly compromise their privacy.
  2. Protection

    Biziman services are hosted on the best in class service providers and Data protection is ensured by these service providers. Biziman soft code itself has been designed to ensure data safety. Any soft code glitch needs to be brought to the notice of Biziman for rectification. Biziman will never sell personal data provided to it by any subscriber / client and this is against our policy. How ever Biziman is hereby indemnified against any such act by any other party or hackers.
  3. Personal Data

    We collect data only as provided by you and your clients / customers and third party products as per consent given to them by you(such as Facebook, Google etc). We will retain all data even after expiry of all services subscribed by you. We also collect data pertaining to your activity and location for permanent retention and meet any legal obligation in future. We are not accountable for data collected and used by our associate service providers.
  4. Use of Personal Data

    Personal data is exclusively used for provision of services to you and your clients. It is also used by Biziman internally to improve client and their customer experience and for analysis to launch new products.
  5. Security of sensitive information

    Utmost care is being taken to store your sensitive financial data such as card and bank details in an encrypted format in the server. The security of data residing in the server is the service providers responsibility. Data breach at the server will not be attributable to Biziman. No misuse of data will be made by Biziman through its app or personally.
  6. Jurisdiction

    No case of privacy infringement can be adjudicated in this era of intense hacker activism. Biziman is herby indemnified against any privacy infringement. Subscribers and Clients are hereby strictly advised to continue availing Biziman services only if these terms are acceptable. Not having read these terms of privacy, will be taken as there acceptance of the same. All cases will be adjudicated only in Delhi.
  7. What internet traffic do we collect?

    Certain of the Services and/or Sites enables Users and Customers to contact each other, schedule an appointment, interact and manage their engagement by using such Services and/or Sites. Such Services are installed on our servers, and when you use such Services and/or the Sites, the information routed via the Services and/or Sites is accessible to us. In addition, we collect information, such as session durations, Internet protocol (IP) addresses, details from your device and information related to online data or metadata that is routed through our site, such as web page addresses, structure, data fields and images.
  8. How do we access & use your Google user data?

    We use Google OAuth in order to get access to your Google data as part of your registration to certain Services, if you choose to synchronize your Google Calendar or your Google Contacts with the Service. Read more.
  9. How do we share your personally identifiable information with others?

    1. To operate the Services and Sites, including to store and process your information through a third-party hosting services and to process payments;
    2. To contact you. For example, we use a third party’s mailing platform to send you messages and updates from time to time;
    3. share your information with law enforcement agencies, governmental agencies and other competent authorities as well as with other third parties, as may be required;
    4. If we are required, or believes that it is required by law to share or disclose your information; In any case of dispute, or legal proceeding of any kind between you and we, or between you and other users or third parties with respect to, or in relation with the Services or the Sites (including a dispute between User and Customer), we can use your information in preparing its legal case in connection with such dispute or proceedings;
    5. In any case where we believe that sharing information is necessary to prevent imminent physical harm or damage to property;
    6. We will also store information related to online data or metadata that is routed through us, such as web page addresses, structure, data fields and images. The stored data will be attributed to you in person, only to the extent necessary for the use of the Services and/or Sites, as set in the following section. In all other cases, we will anonymize the data and will not use the data to personally identify you.