Biziman - Generate sales package
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Create packages on the fly

Choose an occasion to boost your sales. Create a discount coupon. The coupons can be valid between fixed dates. You can also fix the total number of coupons. Keep a track of all redemptions

Generate discount codes

Allocate the generated Code to your customers. They will use the code after login to avail discount. The codes are sent by you as an email campaign and are valid only after login. The codes are valid only during the discount period

Reward premium customers

You can send it to selected customers and reward them for their patronage. The redemption can also be tracked. Customers can be given a common or separate number of coupons

Reach out

Reaching out to premium customers is facilitated by an email campaign. You can allocate a common number of coupon to all or different number of coupons to each customer. The email template can be suitably modified to suit your needs.