Biziman - Simplified Payments
Invoicing to billing--complete solution!

Dedicated Payments page

Consolidated and monthly payments

Due and overdue payments

Record payments and send receipt

Send payment reminder

Invoicing and Estimates

Full control on payments
Cancelled and expired bookings
Special email for payments
Send Payment Link for each booking
Razor Pay & Paytm Check out
Standard payment message in booking approval mail
ayments Page

Receive payments online. You can set it up on the dashboard. Multiple options are available. Contact us for special requirements.

onsolidated payments

See the complete list of clients ordered as per their activity. Sort as per their date of joining. Search clients from from the bar

ue and Over due Payments

All Due payments are clearly visible. Over due payment intimation sent to client. Summary of all payments.

ecord payments

Recording payments is done easily form the dashboard. You can send receipts. The details are updated on your and client's dashboard.

ayment reminder

Reminders can be automated. Emails are sent as per the options set by you. Write your own email text.

nvoice and Estimates

Send Invoice and Estimates to Clients. Send as attachment to emails. Inform about expiring estimates.