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Sales tracking and monitoring simplified
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Sales Overview

You get a detailed look at your sales data in the admin app. Consolidate and break down of sales data is available in one glance. This keeps you informed how your online shop is doing and sales progress over time.

Sale snap shot

Get your sales data on weekly, monthly and yearly basis in your admin panel. To compare, data from previous similar time period is displayed alongside. In one glance, you can see the growth of your business. You can also see a graph of your sales and balance inventory of products to visually check the status and add inventory in time.

Profit and Tax

You profits are also displayed for various time snaps base on your profit margin. The profits can be compared with the similar period in the past. The tax liability on quarterly basis is also calculated based on data uploaded by you in the app.

Inventory Management

At one glance take a look at your inventory, its value and a breakdown of item wise value of the products in your inventory. This information is displayed graphically for you to carry out a quick assimilation and initiate some action to spruce up inventory