Order and Payment Module
Seamless flow from placing of order to payment
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Return order

Once paid, products can be returned based on your company policy. The period upto which return is permitted is also set by you in your business settings. A default is provided by the app. After lapse of the period, customer does not have the option to return the product

Lapsed order

Where order has been created and payment is required to be made by the customer to the seller, a period has been fixed within which the payment can be made. Two reminder emails are also sent to the customer. In case of failure to pay within the given time, app will cancel the order and the customer will be informed.


If registration with Razorpay has been made and data uploaded, online payment facility for customers will be auto added to your subscription. Once payment has been made all data will be updated and customer informed. In other cases, an email is sent to the customer to pay the due amount as per your preference of payment registered.

Accepting Payments.

Payment made by customer to your bank or paytm will be intimated to you on your email id registered at the time of subscription to Biziman® app. You can accept the payment in the admin panel and the customer will be informed of payment receipt.