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Announce a sale period

Sale season is the craze and is eagerly awaited by customers. Announce your sale in style. A separate module is dedicated to handle sale season. You can decide the period of sale. The sale banner will appear on the home page with the sale name and period. Try it out.

Pre announcement

You can decide when to start showing the upcoming sale banner. It can be from a given date that you set in your settings. The upcoming sale banner will start displaying on the home page.

Sale from 2023-01-29

Sale discount

Well the discount can of course be set by you. Discount is to be set for a category of product and shall be evenly applied to all products in the category. This discount will be over and above the prevailing discount already in vogue. So if the existing discount is 10% and sale discount is 10%, overall discount will be 20%.

Geared to handle high traffic

The app architecture is geared to handle high sales and customer traffic. So you will not suffer any glitches during peak sale season!