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Email Support

Email settings are available for you to set your personal message to be delivered along with purchase and payment email templates sent by the app. You also have the facility of sending an email from the admin console.

Payment reminder

The app schedules reminder emails for payment to customers who have booked an order but are yet to make payments. The frequency is controlled by you. Two reminders will be sent.

Order Validity

Orders which have been booked will remain valid upto the period fixed by you in your settings. If an overdue payment is not made before valid period end, the system will cancel the order. An email will be sent to the customer about the cancelled order. His purchase history will reflect cancelled orders.

Control frontend interface

Frontend is the online shop you get by subscribing to Biziman®. The product filter for top selling products can be controlled from biz settings. Application of sale discount and redemption of reward points is also set to control display in the frontend.