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Customer Review

Customer review is very important to your business. It is an essential tool to promote your products and shop. Only those products can be reviewed which have been paid for. Only one comment per item procured is allowed to be made. Comment on returned items cannot be made

Product rating

Customers can also rate the product they have procured and this can be done along with the review being submitted. The customer ratings are displayed along with their comments.

Your keep the control

Customer ratings and comments are visible to you in the admin console. The reviews can be perused and obnoxious ones can be edited. You can contact a customer on email to understand his adverse review and take remedial action

Display of reviews an rating

Customer reviews are displayed along with the detail view of that product. All customers are free to scan the comments and make up their own mind. The rating of the customers can be seen along with the comments. The ratings play a very important role. Consolidated ratings are visible along with each product and products can be filtered as per rating.