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Keep customers at centre of the action.
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Show your shop

Your shop is your pride. Biziman® provides you with an attractive pre designed online portal for your shop. Various customisation options are available in the admin console to make it look unique for you. Present the most memorable visit to your shop

Maintain a record of Your customers

Biziman® keeps a record of your customers. You can check their latest purchases, frequent buys, max buys and other details. Comments / Reviews made by your Customers can be seen by you and edited where necessary

City wise data

Biziman® gives you a city wise break down of the customers. This will enable you to gauge the max density of your customers from a locality and manage delivery logistics better.

Return Refund

Customer wise return refund can be seen. Each customer's reward points earned, redeemed, items returned and refund issued in noted. Products booked but not paid for is also recorded. Send an email to your customer from your admin console