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Exclusive Client Page

All clients at one place

Client interaction record

Add Clients from web page

Add on your own

Tag clients

clusive Client Page

Dedicated page for each client is available. You can also see their activities and purchases made by them.

ll clients at one place

See the complete list of clients ordered as per their activity. Sort as per their date of joining. Search clients from from the bar

lient interaction record

See the complete record of all client interactions. You can approve client bookings and add / send your own messages.

dd Clients from web page

Clients are added from the web page before they can book a service. You can control the required form fields for client addition.

dd on your own

You can directly add clients. Several options have been provided. Clients can be added from any page.

ag clients

Tagging clients is simple. You can sort clients as per their tags. Tags can be changed easily. Tagging options have been provided.