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Market your services and products using Automated Tele Calling
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Tele Marketing with few clicks

Announce your sale on mobile

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Reach your customers Easily and timely on mobile

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arketing with Tele Call

Easy Tele Marketing of your services / Products. Use the Auto Tele Marketing platform. Tele packs can be bought as per need. Recharge anytime.

our business contacts

We facilitate you with a list of your customers which you have saved. You can pick and choose. Send live calls. Monitor Progress

re schedule Tele Calls

Scheduling Tele marketing is available. Just plan your campaign. Schedule it two to three days in advance. The Calls will be made automatically. You can check your usage easily.

ass Calls

Send Calls to multiple clients /customers. Mass Calls can be sent to upto 10 Customers in one go. Just select from a list and submit it to us. Mass Calls can be scheduled for a future date.

cess to Audio Files

If you have a recorded audio file. Just upload on our app. We will make necessary settings and We will play your audio file to your customers during the tele marketing call. Load as many audio files as you want. Boost your sales instantly.

ow Cost

We offer you this unique feature at the cheapest cost available in the market. Try out our Tele Marketing services to explore this first in class feature Only available on Biziman.