Biziman - Staff Management App
Efficient Staff Management
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Add Staff to single or Multi service point

Exclusive staff login facility

Rate staff with gold stars

Exclusive calendar for each staff

Different Staff for all Multi point

Same Staff for all Multi session

Staff booking as per their available

Staff absence - no bookings !

dd Staff for each service

You can add / remove staff easily. Staff can be added for single service session or multiple service session. Bookings will take care of that.

alendar for each staff member.

Track bookings of each staff member separately. The app assigns staff to available and less committed staff.

tar Rating for your staff

Each Staff member has his page for analysis of performance. Dynamically star rate your staff and write notes for your staff. Staff can login to manage their service

ulti station and Multi session

As your business grows, Biziman caters for multi station services. Multi session is a unique feature of Biziman. With one click your customers can book a multi session service.